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Today's Most Burning Issue

On the experience of our last bushfire season, coming months call for extra attention around properties across Exeter, Sutton Forest and Werai.

Most of our community realise the need to restrict litter around our homes and outbuildings, but continuing calls suggest there's ongoing concern and confusion about what is allowed where and when!

On days of Total Fire Bans, all outside burning is prohibited. Such declarations can be checked by way of the Fire Danger Ratings sign outside Exeter Railway Station, and through our facebook page  [search Exeter Rural Fire Brigade Facebook]. The first consideration is whether your property comes under the Rural Fire Service--which only requires permits during prescribed bushfire danger periods (or where the intended burn is likely to endanger a building)--or Fire & Rescue NSW, which requires permits all year round.  This can be checked on the Wingecarribee Shire Council online map.

To access the online interactive Backyard Burning Map App and view the full list of conditions, fact sheets and learn how to apply for a Fire Permit, click here.

If that doesn't answer all your questions, feel free to call our District Office on 02 4868 5500 ... we'd rather talk you through the backyard burning rules than respond to a fire call concerning your property!

History of Exeter Fire Brigade

Our Exeter Rural Fire Brigade has a proud history.

From the early 1900s bushfire brigades in country areas were formed by farmers and landowners as mutual help groups. In 1927 a Royal Commission into bushfire control and prevention made several recommendations, one of which was that brigades be formed in as many country areas as practicable. Organisation and cooperation were recognised as the only way to satisfactorily handle the fire question.

It is in this period that our local brigade history really begins.

The list of Captains on the Honour Board takes us back to the early 1950s but the formation of local brigades goes back to the late 1920s in Sutton Forest and, in Exeter to 1939, largely I believe in response to the disastrous fires in January of that year, NSW was in the grip of terrible drought and after an almost unprecedented heat wave it seemed that the whole State was on fire. In the Southern Highlands the village of Penrose was virtually wiped out, Mittagong was in danger of being engulfed, with thirty homes lost. Bowral was threatened and a fire raged from Paddy's River to Exeter.

Read more: History of Exeter Fire Brigade


You can help keep your household safe by taking actions now as if it were the beginning of summer:

  • Clear gutters
  • Keep areas around homes clear of fuel
  • Stay alert and aware of local fire brigade advice
  • Act in accordance with Bushfire Survival Plan - Don't vary
  • Always be ready to LEAVE EARLY unless properly prepared to Stay & Defend

Remember that embers are the cause of most home losses in bushfires, and that our local 'safest place' is Exeter Oval.



at ALL times
take care ... everywhere!




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