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Exeter Rural Fire Brigade

Serving Exeter, Sutton Forest & Werai

Join as a Firefighter

Our Exeter Brigade wants more residents to join our firefighting team!

Across the State, the Rural Fire Service is made up of some 75,000 volunteers from all walks of life - men and women from varied cultural backgrounds, different age groups and professions, making it the largest volunteer fire service in the world!

Brigades such as that we have at Exeter are a reflection of their local communities, and becoming a volunteer firefighter is easier than most people think.

We offer training ranging from basic bush firefighting and first aid - useful skills for all local residents -  through village firefighting to breathing apparatus operation.

We meet at the Fire Station in Exeter on a Wednesday (6:30pm in the winter/7:30pm in summer), and you are always welcome to drop in and talk to us about your options. Or you can call our Training Officer, Simon Bathgate. on  0417 209 735. We're presently preparing new recruits for a 'BF' course, so you may even be able to join that.

[More information about volunteering can be obtained on the NSW Rural Fire Service website, with full details can be available here].

Our Weather

Particular to Exeter and surrounds, here's our latest weather data:

CLICK HERE for Live Feed of Exeter Brigade's Weather Data and Four-Day Forecast


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